Meet the Team Behind Sunset


Monique Cocco

Monique Cocco is a Communications student, turned blogger, turned social media junkie. Some may know her as her blogging alter-ego, SurferWife, while others know her simply as Monique or Mom. What started as a love for comedic writing about celebrities and  life soon became a pretty serious hobby that led to new opportunities in her professional life. With the introduction of mainstream social media over ten years ago, and all of its new platforms and outlets, Monique quickly learned the art of networking and utilizing social media to maintain a distinct voice and unique ways of marketing her brand. Today, Monique can be found creating a voice and branding strategy for her clients in the entertainment industry. She can also probably be found tweeting too much on Twitter, so if you see her there, please tell her to get back to work.

Monique is on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest as SurferWife and on Google+ and LinkedIn as Monique Cocco.




Amy Kirby


Amy Kirby is an English and Communications major who graduated without a clue of what she wanted to do with her life. Luckily, (all thanks to the fate of a Twitter friendship) her love for all things Hollywood and her addiction to social media have finally combined and turned into a huge step in the right direction in her professional life.

Most people know her as Amy Sue and while her availability and quick responses to emails might lead you to believe she’s on west coast time, Amy is holding it down on the east coast and can probably be spotted with a phone or MacBook at her fingertips at any given time of day. In between tweets and emails, you will find her lounging at home with her new husband, adorable step-daughter and crazy Beabull puppy, Jason Bateman.

You can get in touch with Amy on Twitter and Instagram as @amysuuuue or via email at amy@sunsetsocialinc.com.

Kayleen Mendenhall


Booyah Creative is a boutique web and graphic design firm that offers a variety of technical, design, branding and digital/print services.

Owner Kayleen Mendenhall has been doing graphic design, web design and programming since 1998.  Don’t let the “programmer” title scare you.  While she is a tech geek at heart, the art and design aspects of the business, as well as interacting with people, have always been her passion.

When she’s not designing websites, Kayleen is a Creative Director, wife, and momma by day.  By night, she’s a beer drinker, blogger and Angry Bird addict.  Somewhere in between, she does laundry.


Shell Roush

ProfilePics_ShellShell Roush is a former teacher turned blogger and social media strategist. She shared social media tips and worked behind the scenes at The SITS Girls, was a Babble writer, and a BlogHer Parenting Voices of the Year.

She’s worked with start-ups to build social media profiles from scratch and enjoys testing out new online strategies.

She lives in coastal North Carolina with her husband and three boys. When she’s not online or running her boys to soccer practices, she’s happy to sit on the beach with a good book and even better fruity drink. Find her on twitter as @shellthings and @soccermomsblog.

Maegan Elliott


Virtual Awesome specializes in project management, system set up, and brings the HOW to the table to get stuff done from basic word processing to overseeing the day-to-day operations of a business.

Maegan, owner and certified Online Business Manager, holds a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University in Kinesiology (seriously), worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer for many years (totally), and now answers emails in her jammies, but only on Friday mornings.  The jammies part, not the answering emails part, she does that all the time.

Maegan is married to a wonderful man and “moms” two amazing daughters.

She has abandoned the mood-swing weather of the Midwest for the ocean breezes of Vista, CA.