How we build your brand

Sunset Social, the corporation, was founded in 2012, however the team at Sunset Social has specialized in the area of social media and branding for over a decade. Throughout this time, the Sunset Social team has grown, and adapted alongside the ever changing world of technology. With an acute understanding for the needs of a celebrity in the rapid paced industry of social media and entertainment, Sunset Social, Inc., can help you and your brand stay current with the trends, engaging with your community of fans and constantly growing through full-time management of your social media platforms. Below you will find a menu of options of what we can do for you to grow your social platforms and stay relevant in the industry.

Facebook: As you probably already know, FB is the front-runner of all of the social media platforms. This is the platform with the most active users–not necessarily the most engaged users–but certainly with over 1 billion active monthly users, this is a powerhouse for building community. Content will be published on your page on an average of one to three times per day, and it will focus on relevant content that will appeal to your community. This will be a mix of shareable images, text only updates, links to videos and links to relevant articles, and of course any and all content applicable to your shows, appearances, endorsements, etc.*We can also inquire about you becoming verified on Facebook.

Twitter:  Twitter is much more informal than other platforms. It allows you to give quick updates for your brand, industry or destination. However, more frequent updates – a few each day, in addition to conversation – are the usual standard. The content on Twitter should also be shareable to increase visibility in order to expand your audience yet personable to encourage engagement. Much time will be spent growing your community through participating in Twitter conversations and engaging with your target demographic. In addition to fulfilling any contractual tweets that need to go out for any endorsements, specials, shows or brands.

Instagram: An image heavy platform that allows for increased engagement. Instagram has the option to feed your images through to Facebook and Twitter which will help build your growing Instagram community. In addition, Instagram allows for 15 second videos. We will match the content that is going out on your other platforms to what we put out on Instagram, in addition to any personal images you want unique to Instagram only. *We can also inquire about you becoming verified on Instagram.

Pinterest:  Pinterest continues to be one of the fastest growing social media platforms and has the highest percentage of website referrals per user among social media channels. There will be weekly maintenance and management of your boards. Creation of new boards, new images pinned to these boards and interaction with your community. A Pinterest account goes hand in hand with a blog, website and image heavy campaigns as it is typically the #1 traffic garner for your blog.

YouTube: Another Google product, YouTube is a platform that also generates great success with SEO. With the ability to keyword and optimize your videos, this platform is the place where all of your videos should reside.

Blog Writing: We can co-create written content, edit, and provide any necessary images or videos for the body of the posts. Blog writing samples available upon request.

Newsletters: Building a database is important for potential sponsorships and negotiations. This method of communication is also a direct form of marketing to your community. So, when there are key points (appearances, show dates, new products, etc.) a branded newsletter is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Website Management: Whether you currently have an active website or dream of running your own branded site, we can help you start up and maintain your personal space on the Internet. Be sure to ask us what sort of opportunities a website can offer to you and your brand.

Want to run your own social media platforms but don’t feel as if you have the skill set and experience to run them properly?  Sunset Social can offer consulting sessions with you and your team.  Simply contact us and set up your consultation phone call.

In addition to the services offered through Sunset Social, Inc., we have built a strong alliance with the magnanimous team at Chic Execs, which includes PR, channel management for numerous brands. Booyah Creative, a graphic and web designer and Maegan Elliott, Virtual Admin & Business Manager.  These allies allow for greater optimization of your brand based on technology.  


Why You Want Social Media

Being a fan of celebrities in 2015 is worlds different than what it was a mere 15 years ago, let alone 30, 40 and 50 years ago. Today, thanks to technology and social media, fans have direct access to their favorite movie and television stars, musicians, athletes, etc. A simple tweet containing 140 characters or less can be sent to a notable person on Twitter in hopes of a reply back and when that reply does indeed come back, the loyalty and trust from this fan base grows exponentially thanks to this personal connection. This is the foundation to a loyal and engaging social community.

Sunset Social is available to help you identify the appropropriate online voice for your brand and to help you engage with your correct target audience and demographic.  Whether you are seeking advice and consultation, monetization of your social media platforms, or full management of your social presence,  Sunset Social is eager to customize a social media package that is right for you, your voice, your lifestyle and your career. We will work diligently with your current team of managers, agents, publicists, assistants and networks to ensure for a streamlined workflow.

The team at Sunset Social understands how unique you are and we take great care to accommodate you and your social media needs. With growing your community, working with networks and entities to ensure certain social obligations have been met, or bringing in potential endorsements or partnerships to monetize your social media platforms, our goal is for you to rest assured that we always have your best interest at heart and want to assist you in maximizing your online exposure.

If you have any questions about how we can help you or the talent you manage, please find our contact tab up above and drop us a line.